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Ando San ‘Seeing Pastures’ LP

Ando San ‘Seeing Pastures’ LP

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New LP from LA based artist Ando San. 20 minutes of tasty riffs/bars/hooks and some super tight knit production all provided by the man himself.

When I first heard Ando's stuff I was so stoked on it. IMO "guitar music" has gotten a little stagnant in the past few years and I'm always excited when I feel an artist is pushing a boundary or taking the genre in a new direction. Ando San is a perfect example of that; combining elements of lo-fi hip hop, math rock, and jazz to create a unique sound true to his own musical voice.

These songs are super tasteful, with a balance of tight guitar parts and introspective lyrics. "Seeing Pastures" is a step forward for Ando San not only as a musician but as a person.

FFO: Thundercat, Flying Lotus, J Dilla

/100 Clear w/Gold Pour + Blue Smoke
/100 Translucent Gold w/Clear Orb
/100 Black

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