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Gros Enfant Mort ‘La Banalité Du Mal’ LP [BLR008]

Gros Enfant Mort ‘La Banalité Du Mal’ LP [BLR008]

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Second press of the French screamo/post-hardcore album, Originally released in 2022. Gros Enfant Mort is the project of ex-Johk drummer Alexis, bringing to mind bands like Daitro and Amanda Woodward whilst having a more melodic side to it in moments. Released in partnership with Fireflies Fall (FR).

  1. Du rêve au ravin
  2. Retour vers le foutur
  3. Nos doubles vies
  4. Lépilogue de la jeunesse
  5. 17/10
  6. Sans objection ni conscience
  7. A la dérive
  8. Le dressage des corps
  9. Entre quatre murs

On smoky Green with Gold splatter, Limited to 200.

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