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Men As Trees - Weltschmerz / Sea Of Ice Songs 2xLP

Men As Trees - Weltschmerz / Sea Of Ice Songs 2xLP

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This record has been long overdue. Men As Trees was a screamo outfit from Michigan, USA, which blended elements of post-rock perfectly into their sound. Formed by brothers Andrew & Jason Kallicragas and Frank Tedeschi in 2003, the band played a solid number of shows in the US as well as a Euro tour in 2009, before they disbanded. Two years later all band members re-united under the name of Locktender.

“Weltschmerz” was MAT’s 2008 and probably most prominent album which had only been physically released on CD and cassette back in the day. In 2023 it has finally gotten re-mastered in order to give it a proper vinyl release. But that is not all since we also find re-done versions of the last two songs Men As Trees have written and recorded: “Wreckage” which appeared on their 2009 split EP with Single State of Man and “Discovery” from their 2010 split with Dying In Motion, Le Pré Où Je Suis Mort and Dolcim. What a treat to finally have Weltschmerz on vinyl!

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