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Ogbert The Nerd 'I Don't Hate You' LP [BLR001]

Ogbert The Nerd 'I Don't Hate You' LP [BLR001]

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Ogbert The Nerd's awesome 2020 album "I Don't Hate You" is brought to you on Vinyl for the first time this side of the pond. Don't miss the chance to own this legendary New Jersey Powerhouses first album. Co-Released with Choke Artist & Rat Brain Records (both US).

  1. Get In The Robot
  2. Do It For Elio
  3. Buddies Lite Lime
  4. Really, Its Fine
  5. You Like The Raiders?
  6. Matthew Renzo Vs The Hoboken Parking Authority
  7. Mungus Borgar Rides Again
  8. Snail
  9. Rats! It Didnt Work!
  10. Malkmus
  11. Twenty-Four

UK exclusive ultra-clear with green blob, Limited to 100, SOLD OUT

Choke Artist exclusive BLOOD variant, Limited to 100. Now available for pre-order, stock expected Jan/Feb. 

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